Adventures in Tamriel


Long days, pleasant nights!

Hello!┬áThis is Beautiful Tamriel, a collection of screenshots from the Elder Scrolls games. It’s a lovely game. You should wander over.


ESO – Jode’s Core

This journey I took some time ago yet it still haunts me. I can smell the burnt summers of Elsweyr baked into the earth. The air tingles with electricity, an anticipation of a future loss.

ESO – Humblemud Home

I really should do more pictures of my abodes. Everyone knows housing is the real end game.

ESO – Elsweyr’s Sun

Sunlight in Elsweyr is a wonderful thing. Westworld vibes.

ESO – In Western Skyrim, a serial killer lives

Near where the Chilbain harrowstorm floods the sky with crimson, west of Dragonbridge, there lies a non-descript hut warmed by a fireplace. If you wander there, you will see that the man lying beside the fireplace isn’t sleeping.
In fact, he is very much dead. Beside him, heated by the warmth of the fireplace are two pots of stew and a skewer of unrecognisable meat. It smells faintly aromatic, and Anja’s stomach hungers from her long adventure. Was he the owner of this hut?
Thinking the owner wouldn’t mind – why would someone dead mind? – she wanders around the hut, thinking that she might glean something else. She was greeted by another corpse, this time, a woman with a pickaxe. Was she a miner from nearby Kathwasten? How did she meet her end?
Behind the hut was a basket of clothes of varying textures.
Lykos decided to rummage through the articles, no doubt drawn by the smell of blood on some of them.
In front of the house, a meat cleaver and rope decorated the front door. Anja is not amused. Something afoul is afoot.
Lo and behold, Lykos found the murderer’s trove. Anja supposes she can go on another hunt.

ESO – A beautiful sight!

This reminds me of the Orrery in Grahtwood, the heart of Valenwood in Hectahame, Greenshade, and the Mnemonic Planisphere in Clockwork City.

ESO -Back Home Again

Solitude in the sunset. Anja Stromgren relishes the breeze as she looks over the docks of Solitude. Adventure can wait.

ESO – In Malabal Tor

Near where the werewolves are in Malabal Tor is this small encampment, and if you’re not rushing through the place all the time while you’re collecting your clothier survey, you might chance upon some Bosmers paying their respects to the grave markers that are scattered around the area. They don’t talk much, and I leave them to their contemplation.

ESO – Strange Deaths around Tamriel

The thing is, in Tamriel, it’s easy to come across skeletons of unfortunate souls that have long been picked clean. These, for instance, seem to indicate that a murder had taken place. Why use shovels? The positions of the bodies seem to indicate that they were killed as they slept. Who would do that?

ESO – Dwarven Ebon Wolf mount


I don’t like doing dungeons, and had to do a number of Darkshade Cavern Is to get the random lead to drop from the last-boss Sentinel. I’m glad Mahei got to ride it. She’s a magicka DK with fire and Dwemer stuff as a theme. She is wearing the shoulder from engine guardian (I think) too, and has a fire bantam guar following her around, which you can’t really tell from the image. I like the wolf mounts in ESO. They run quite smoothly, not awkwardly like the camels. ugh.


ESO – Solitude


Is it me? Or does Solitude’s cliff edge look like a wolf to others too? Its snout upturned and pointing to the left? Wait.. was it supposed to look like a wolf?