Adventures in Tamriel


Long days, pleasant nights!

Hello!┬áThis is Beautiful Tamriel, a collection of screenshots from the Elder Scrolls games. It’s a lovely game. You should wander over.


ESO – Clockwork City at night

Usually, when I’m in Clockwork City, I tend to catch in the not-mid-morning sun, full of orange and yellow that glint unhealthily off the metal. At night, it looks different. Peaceful, almost.

ESO – That’s Elsweyr in the distance!

Firiin is one of my PC/EU characters, and though she’s breached 1000 CP, she hasn’t been to all the areas, including Elsweyr. her she is in the north of Blackwood, and she spotted some tall spires in a distance. It turns out that those are possibly spires in Elsweyr. Perhaps they are the buildings in Rimmen itself! She hopes to visit it someday. She heard that there’s some trouble with succession.

ESO – Into Blackwood

Bites-His-Claws decides he wants a little bit of that #BountiesofBlackwood pie.


ESO – Auroras in Western Skyrim

Auroras add a lovely feel to the skies in Western Skyrim

ESO – Near Nimalten, the Rift

ESO – Blackwood

Blackwood’s atmosphere feels as cloying as that of Murkmire. There are much fewer bugs but way more frogs.

ESO – Craglorn, revisited

It’s been some time since I’ve gone to Craglorn. Groups gather there in the weekends for pick-up games and I often feel squishy as a dps wanting to join in. I don’t play meta, and many want a fast clear, so that means many want meta builds. Events are a great time to catch up on clearing group bosses for the zones the events are in, and that’s what I do here. Oh, and the quests of course! Craglorn’s quests are interesting. I just wish the sand wouldn’t get in my boots as much.

ESO – a dolmen in Reaper’s March

Dolmens make the sky look pregnant with possibilities.

ESO – Misty morning in Greenshade

A misty morning in Greenshade means chill wind as I rush through my errands. A Wood-Orc chieftain needs to be slain. I’ll have to find him first.

ESO – Somewhere in Blackwood

Blackwood’s quite fun. I wonder how long they took to make this and whether Mehrunes Dagon stayed still for this pose.